accountability sisters: an intro + week one

Hello world!

I have no idea what I want to do with this blog. But I have many goals I am trying to achieve in the next seven weeks, and I plan on incorporating this blog into it.

Last Wednesday night I decided to step out of my comfort zone and sign up for a 7 week accountability series led by a former classmate of mine who is a professional life coach. It’s called The Summer Accountability Sisterhood and I’m excited to share with you my goals and achievements throughout the next seven weeks (and hopefully continue after!).

What will I be doing in these next 7 weeks?

  1. Create realistic goals and steps to achieve those goals (weekly and long term)
  2. Get motivation from others (my accountability sisters) and dig deep to have my own motivation
  3. To stop procrastinating and get rid of that lazy feeling of not accomplishing anything!

This program really got me because I am a big procrastinator in my personal life (for some reason not so much at work) and get overwhelmed really easily in my work and personal life.

Things like finances and decision making make me sick to my stomach and very anxious. I’m hoping to overcome this with help from other women who are in the same situations as I am.

Another reason why I’m joining this group is because I feel like my faith life is not strong at all. I didn’t grow up in a heavy Christian background, so I never really attended bible studies or went to many church extra curricular activities besides music. I think this is a step is the right direction to actually open a bible and read more about God’s word (because honestly I haven’t done this on my own EVER).

{ week one goals }

>>goal one<<

  • Unpack the rest of my necessities and store away the ones not needed from my recent move

>>action steps<<

  1. Dedicate time every night this week to move a small amount
  2. Start in sections i.e. bedroom on Monday
  3. Set a date to complete

>>goal two<<

  • Create a work out regime

>>action steps<<

  1. Look for ideas on Pinterest (maybe ones I already have pinned!)
  2. Create an organizational list with instructions of 2-5 different work outs to do
  3. Print out list and block times out in calendar to work out

>>goal three<<

  • Stay calm, take time to breathe and don’t stress over workload

>>action steps<<

  1. It’s a BUSY week before projects launch next Monday. Take breaks!
  2. Set reminders to break in my work calendar
  3. Take a few minutes to go outside or go say hi to a fellow coworker instead of starring at my screen

Now that I have some goals laid out, I hope to communicate more through this platform.

What else have I been up to lately? Well, work has been keeping me extremely busy! I’m hoping to utilize my HTML skills in this blog now that I use that every day! I moved to a duplex with the hubs (literally down the street) almost two weeks ago and have been hanging out with friends out in the sun every weekend.

Hope you enjoy my journey in achieving goals and becoming a go-getter!

xo Cheryl