accountability sisterhood: week one results + week two goals

Happy August!

I have a love/hate relationship with August. First of all, it’s usually the hottest month of the year. And I can say it definitely is now living in Texas. Also, once August is over, it’s like summer is over. But I don’t have to worry about “summer break” being over anymore because #adulthood.

The best thing about August is that it’s my birthday month! I share my birthday month also with Aaron. So we have two days and reasons to celebrate, but not until the end of the month. August used to mark the start of the Wisconsin State Fair that I absolutely love going to every year. It’s my second year missing it, but I’m still dreaming about all kinds of food on a stick anyways.

August is going to be a good month because I’m continuing to chase and accomplish my goals throughout the rest of these upcoming weeks in the accountability sisterhood series. Week one ended Saturday, and week two began Sunday. Let’s see the results!

{week one results}

>>goal one<<

  • Unpack the rest of my necessities and store away the ones not needed from my recent move


I think I did a pretty good job at tidying up my new place. Granted, there are still some boxes here and there and I would love to get the ones right behind the couch out of the way. We were able to set up our storage closet and organize all of those boxes though! Another accomplishment was going to the old apartment and cleaning every inch before we turned in the keys last Friday. It’s tough juggling two places!

>>goal two<<

  • Create a work out regime


Well, I definitely did NOT create a work out regime. I was not inspired to do a DIY work out plan at all. However, I am committing to go to yoga more often with Germaine and Brittany at night and on the weekend. I attended a class called Core which was a series of ab workouts/yoga. Then, on Saturday I attended Fire with Brittany in Dallas (yes, worked out on our little vacation!) and sweated the most I have EVER sweat in my life. It felt amazing! Going to keep that up, as you will see in my goals for this week.

>>goal three<<

  • Stay calm, take time to breathe and don’t stress over workload


Last week was insanely busy! I was testing, QAing and prepping galore for two smooth launches for this week. I am constantly at my desk using three monitors to do my work. I made sure it get up frequently, socialize with co-workers and to take breaks regularly. Only one day did I eat/work during my lunch hour at my desk. I really dislike doing that! Only a few more weeks left of busy season and I can finally breathe.

{week two goals}

 >>goal one<<

  • Keep being productive at home with organization and making it feel more like a home.

>>action steps<<

  1. Do the normal things first, like putting away laundry and making the bed and washing dishes.
  2. Start opening boxes or putting away the little things hanging around the spare room. Take 30 mins every night to make sure everything is tidied up.
  3. Go on Pinterest a create more of a vision for how I want my home to look like, it will get me inspired to add some personality to the blank walls.

>>goal two<<

  • Go to yoga 2-3 times this week

>>action steps<<

  1. Take advantage of the hubs being away and focus on getting to yoga at least twice this week.
  2. Set up times so I can go with Germaine! Or get my own membership this week, hah. Brittany is gone so I don’t have her to bug this week either!
  3. Prep my workout clothes so I can just grab them and bring to work or run home after work and have that laid out for me already.

>>goal three<<

  • Utilize the First 5 app and wake up with God’s Word every day. With this in mind, need to wake up earlier this week because of a new start time and I want to wake up earlier anyways to start reading this daily.

>>action steps<<

  1. Set alarms the night before and remember to set the settings properly for it to actually alert me.
  2. Don’t press snooze so much!
  3. Going to bed ultimately before 11pm will make this easier to actually wake up.

Making goals for this week was so much harder than the week before. So far I am keeping up! I also reached out to my accountability sisters and we have a group text going so far. I need to keep up with it more. But, it turns out my friend here in Austin, Jess, just so happens to be in my group! It’s great having someone in town that I actually see to hold me accountable for these goals.

I hope to ultimately publish these posts every Monday, instead of a Tuesday. I wrote most of these on my way home from Dallas on Sunday. Was able to take this weekend away with friends and swam all weekend in the sun! We also got to see the Giants vs Rangers game (go Giants!) and it was great rooting for the winning team!

Here’s to an amazing week of getting things done and having fun too!

xo Cheryl


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