accountability sisterhood: week three results + week four goals

Ugh, Monday!

Wasn’t feeling motivated today. I’m thankful it’s 9pm and I’m almost ready to pass out after this long day.

This past week went by pretty quickly, I’m surprised it’s August 17th already. Two weeks till my 25th birthday! Woo! And this weekend is Aaron’s 26th birthday! I did so much this week I need to list it out!

  • Grilled out a few times with friends and ate a little too much ice creamIMG_1897
  • Went to yoga twice and felt the burn
  • Sang and danced with Kim to the musical Hairspray at Zilker Park
  • Had my next tattoo consultation and scheduled it for this week
  • Cleaned my house, put away laundry and dishes and even got to unpacking the second bedroom
  • Went to Jester King and had some delicious Farmhouse Ales, then spent some time people watching on Rainey
  • Meal prepped with Brittany like a boss!
  • Saw Ant Man with Aaron at Alamo Drafthouse

Whoa, crazy, busy and fun week. Looking forward to the rest of this week!

{week three results} 

>>goal one<<

  • Look over finances with Aaron and plan for a monthly allowance so we don’t feel so suffocated by paying only bills.


Nope, did not happen. The failure is on me for not initialing scheduling it in our calendar. Nice try, Cheryl.

>>goal two<<

  • Work out three times this week


Went to yoga twice, and went for a walk with Chloe a different night. I don’t really know if I count that walk towards working out necessarily… I’ll do better this week.

>>goal three<<

  • Go to bed no later than 11pm, even on the weekend this week


This is not a realistic goal for me now that I think about it. I was in bed around 11ish most nights… Not sure how I could improve that.

{week four goals}

>>goal one<<

  • Be active at least three days this week

>>action steps<<

  1. Stop being lazy and call on my friends to help you out.
  2. ATTEMPT to go on a run one night this week. Just got a new armband for my iPhone 6 to fit finally, just go out when it’s not 100 degrees.
  3. Walk Chloe for at least 30 minutes one night this week.

>>goal two<<

  • Stay away from eating out this week, limit no more than three meals out.

>>action steps<<

  1. Three seems a little high, only reason why I chose that is because it’s birthday bash weekend so I know I’m going to be naughty.
  2. This will then force me to eat all of my prepped meals for lunch AND dinner.
  3. Indulge on those three meals (as in get nicer food than normal) rather than buying junk.

>>goal three<<

  • Drink three 32oz bottles of water daily

>>action steps<<

  1. Cut that extra cup of coffee out in the morning at work.
  2. Take home my water bottle and not leave it at work to continue drinking water later.

I have a feeling this week is going to be a little slow so I need to make sure I stick to these three goals! I’m still trying to figure out what I want to accomplish the most. I won the coaching session with Diana on Wednesday so maybe I’ll do an extra blog post to talk about my experience and notes!

Thanks y’all for taking some time to read about me. It’s super encouraging to hear that you support me through text/facebook/or whatever.

Here’s to another hot and sweaty August week in ATX!

xo Cheryl


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