accountability sisterhood: week four results + week five goals

Happy Wednesday!

I have to admit, I am very late to writing this post! We are in the middle of the week and I’m already achieving my goals that I have made for this week.

Thankfully, life is getting a little less hectic. Busy season at work is coming to a stop and I’m finding new ways to work on my personal development. I have been going to yoga with Brittany and Germaine a lot recently, which ultimately makes me a lot happier because I’m active! Weekends have been jammed pack with fun summer activities and hanging out with friends.

I’m beginning to realize more and more that I am really happy in Austin, not sure if I will leave! I will always be a Midwestern girl at heart though, got those Wisconsin roots! One thing that is coming up that I am truly missing out on is fall in Wisconsin. Everyone is gearing up for sweater weather, pumpkin spiced lattes and cute boots up north, and I’m still here wearing shorts and flip flops for at least another 2-3 months. I do miss home a lot and I am hoping to be there over the holidays sometime. I wear a little piece of home on myself now because this past Friday I finally committed to getting a beautiful piece of artwork tattooed on me, done by Kegan at Golden Age Tattoo in Austin. He did a great job on my first larger piece with color, I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants more of an animated floral look!


This weekend we also celebrated Aaron’s 26th birthday by having dinner and drinks with friends. We tried out Jacoby’s Restaurant and Mercantile in East Austin and had some really great food and surprise cakes! I would recommend this place for a date night or special occasion. Definitely get there for happy hour, it really lowers the cost! IMG_1955

Thanks to all of those who celebrated Aaron’s birthday and my early birthday! I’m looking forward to my actual birthday this coming Monday. So here we go with results and goals! Going to keep my goals for week five short and simple, so I don’t have an explanation really for each this week.

{Week four results}

>>goal one<<

  • Be active at least 3 days this week


I did it! Monday and Thursday I went to yoga with Brittany at Sunstone Fit and Friday I did yoga at work during our once a month yoga session in the conference room. Wednesday I challenged myself and ran for about 20 minutes outside with my dog. That was pretty killer in 100 degree weather, going to wait till October to try that again!

>>goal two<<

  • Eat out only 3 times this week


Went out 4 times, almost kept it to 3! Saturday was a double whammy because of Aaron’s birthday and going out twice in one day. But we deserved it.

>>goal three<<

  • Drink two 32oz bottles of water a day


Switched my bottle from the 32oz jug to a 750ml camelback and improved my drinking habits to 96oz a day! I really feel great and more energized because of drinking more water. It also helps me snack less at work if I drink more water. I like the smaller bottle because it forces me to get up and out of my chair at work and to go to the fountain to grab water and maybe socialize.

 {Week five goals}

>>goal one<<

  • Keep up with drinking more water

>>goal two<<

  • Be active at least 3 days this week

>>goal three<<

  • Clean out the second bedroom

REALLY need to crack down on this third one. I’ve scheduled some time to do this, it’s super important because I have guests coming September 4th!

Well, I’m halfway through the week! Looking forward to the weekend, I’m going kayaking on Town Lake and hopefully brunching and relaxing. Two more works days!

Thanks for reading again, I am super happy with goal setting and sharing my results with my friends and family.

xo Cheryl


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