Hello all,

Today has been a Monday. The type of Monday that on Sunday you were trying to mentally prepare for and just wasn’t able to.

I’ve come to a conclusion that Aaron can’t leave me for more than a day or something will happen.

As some of you may know, this past week has been a little eventful for me. Wednesday, I took Chloe into the vet to find out later that she has arthritis. She’s a three year old lab mix with arthritis now in her back right hip. The initial shock was worrying but I know that we can keep her on a lot of preventatives and pain manage this issue.

Thursday, the big hubbub was surrounding work and the exciting news of our company being acquired by one of our main integration partnerships. It wasn’t a bad thing that happened, but just a shocker to cope with while your SO is away.

And here’s the kicker – on Friday I sprained my ankle walking Chloe in the rain. Thankfully, I have an awesome group of friends to the rescue who took care of me immediately and throughout the weekend. Super blessed to have a good support group here in Austin.¬†

Thankfully, Sunday I was able to wobble around and check out a new french market in Austin with friends and eat beignets! So delicious.

It was hard getting up and ready for today because of what I just went through the last week. I also realized that I haven’t been setting goals for myself to achieve recently either, and maybe that’s why I have been feeling unmotivated the last few weeks.

{ November Goals }

>>goal one<<

  • Plan Christmas gifts for family members and loved ones.

>>action steps<<

  1. List out everyone we would love to give gifts to.
  2. Plan a budget of how much we can spend per gift.
  3. Compile a list of ideas that can meet my budget and what we can pack on a plane to go back home with.

>>goal two<<

  • Meal prep lunches and stay away from eating out for lunch

>>action steps<<

  1. Make sure to get the appropriate groceries for five meals.
  2. Prepare everything on Sunday.
  3. Don’t skip lunch and leave prepped meal in fridge! (I do this too often….)

>>goal three<<

  • Schedule my vision, dental and physician appointments

>>action steps<<

  1. Call up the doctors I already see and schedule appointments before the end of the year.
  2. Find a healthcare physician I could use with my current insurance and new insurance for next year.

I think these goals will help me accomplish bigger picture items for the rest of the month. Having something to work for always gets me going!

Side note, tomorrow is a special day. Aaron and I met four years ago on November 10th and I wish I could spend time with him tomorrow! Even Aaron and Cheryl-5better would be to be back in Milwaukee at Hi Hat Lounge drinking Lakefront pumpkin beer with him. That was our first date/first time meeting! Online dating works, folks! (Cough, Ok Cupid actually worked) So happy I messaged you at 2am while procrastinating on school work. And 11/10 is special as well because one year later you purposed to me in Chicago. You still give me butterflies four years later. (Sappy, I know!)

Only a few more days on my own, going to hog the bed and binge watch more How to Get Away With Murder on Netflix.

xo Cheryl