2017 – January Goals

Hello there! Long time, no write. January is typically a time for people to establish resolutions, new goals, and new habits. I was inspired to write this post from a BuzzFeed article (of course, BuzzFeed Queen here) about achieving your New Year’s Resolution to Losing Weight. A lot of the advice the dietitians gave were about setting attainable and realistic goals. These not only apply to establishing a workout regime and diet, but also to other goals that anyone can start planning the processes.In the past posts, I’ve made process goals that lists out action steps on how I will attain that goal.

I gotta be honest – I did not write one single post last year. Bummer! What was keeping me from writing? I had a pretty stressful 2016 because I felt burnt out at my job and also felt defeated when it came to job searching. I gave up on fitness, I gave up on trying to find a hobby, I gave up on happiness to some extent. I went to church less and my finances seemed to keep piling up on me. I didn’t have confidence in myself.

I decided to make a few changes so I could get out of this rut towards the end of 2016. I took a chance and left my job that was making me miserable to work at a start up. I joined a gym. I stayed in more. I started to learn how to cross-stitch. I’m going to keep the momentum going in 2017 and start creating monthly goals and hope my friends and family keep me accountable. If you see me slacking, go ahead and call me out! I dare you. I also appreciate the encouragement as well!

{ January Goals }

>>goal one<<

  • Work out three times per week

Reflecting on my health and fitness goals.

I joined Orange Theory back in November and love it! I only signed up for the 2x a week package instead of unlimited since it’s less expensive. Eight times a month is not cutting it for results yet. I need to incorporate at least one more day a week of activities to feel more progress.

>>action steps<<

  1. Schedule two classes at Orange Theory – Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs
  2. Gather accessories needed for running outside (running band, charge headphones)
  3. Run for 15-20 minutes each Saturday morning (depending on weather)
  4. After run, use free weights for three exercises.


>>goal two<< 

  • Finish two cross-stitch projects

My first few stitches, I’ve gotten a little further since this. 

For Christmas, my friend gifted me a three month subscription to get cross-stitch projects delivered to me. I started my first project in November and still haven’t finished it.

>>action steps<<

  1. Instead of using screens before bed, spend 30 minutes cross-stitching a night.
  2. Set a reminder on phone to pull out project at night.
  3. Have materials accessible in one confined place.


>>goal three<<

  • Start a bullet journal

It’s the beginning of a new year, what else better way to start than to get organized! I found this article from BuzzFeed to be very helpful on where to start. I have so many notepads around my desk filled with notes and ideas, but they’re scattered and not contained and do not have a system. I’d like to give this a try to see if it will work for me.

>>action steps<<

  1. Purchase a bullet journal.
  2. Create an index and establish a key.
  3. Establish a future log and start writing!



I am really looking forward to this year. Aaron and I have vacations already lined up and I’m already happier at my new job. I’m excited to reach my goals and keep writing new ones (even if they’re repeated) monthly. If you’re looking to write more goals or get motivated, I also loved this article from BuzzFeed as well that inspires me to get things done and focus at tasks at hand.


Three cities we’re traveling to this year. insta: @_socheryl

Thanks for checking in! Hope to see more posts from me monthly.

xo Cheryl