accountability sisterhood: week one results + week two goals

Happy August!

I have a love/hate relationship with August. First of all, it’s usually the hottest month of the year. And I can say it definitely is now living in Texas. Also, once August is over, it’s like summer is over. But I don’t have to worry about “summer break” being over anymore because #adulthood.

The best thing about August is that it’s my birthday month! I share my birthday month also with Aaron. So we have two days and reasons to celebrate, but not until the end of the month. August used to mark the start of the Wisconsin State Fair that I absolutely love going to every year. It’s my second year missing it, but I’m still dreaming about all kinds of food on a stick anyways.

August is going to be a good month because I’m continuing to chase and accomplish my goals throughout the rest of these upcoming weeks in the accountability sisterhood series. Week one ended Saturday, and week two began Sunday. Let’s see the results!

{week one results}

>>goal one<<

  • Unpack the rest of my necessities and store away the ones not needed from my recent move


I think I did a pretty good job at tidying up my new place. Granted, there are still some boxes here and there and I would love to get the ones right behind the couch out of the way. We were able to set up our storage closet and organize all of those boxes though! Another accomplishment was going to the old apartment and cleaning every inch before we turned in the keys last Friday. It’s tough juggling two places!

>>goal two<<

  • Create a work out regime


Well, I definitely did NOT create a work out regime. I was not inspired to do a DIY work out plan at all. However, I am committing to go to yoga more often with Germaine and Brittany at night and on the weekend. I attended a class called Core which was a series of ab workouts/yoga. Then, on Saturday I attended Fire with Brittany in Dallas (yes, worked out on our little vacation!) and sweated the most I have EVER sweat in my life. It felt amazing! Going to keep that up, as you will see in my goals for this week.

>>goal three<<

  • Stay calm, take time to breathe and don’t stress over workload


Last week was insanely busy! I was testing, QAing and prepping galore for two smooth launches for this week. I am constantly at my desk using three monitors to do my work. I made sure it get up frequently, socialize with co-workers and to take breaks regularly. Only one day did I eat/work during my lunch hour at my desk. I really dislike doing that! Only a few more weeks left of busy season and I can finally breathe.

{week two goals}

 >>goal one<<

  • Keep being productive at home with organization and making it feel more like a home.

>>action steps<<

  1. Do the normal things first, like putting away laundry and making the bed and washing dishes.
  2. Start opening boxes or putting away the little things hanging around the spare room. Take 30 mins every night to make sure everything is tidied up.
  3. Go on Pinterest a create more of a vision for how I want my home to look like, it will get me inspired to add some personality to the blank walls.

>>goal two<<

  • Go to yoga 2-3 times this week

>>action steps<<

  1. Take advantage of the hubs being away and focus on getting to yoga at least twice this week.
  2. Set up times so I can go with Germaine! Or get my own membership this week, hah. Brittany is gone so I don’t have her to bug this week either!
  3. Prep my workout clothes so I can just grab them and bring to work or run home after work and have that laid out for me already.

>>goal three<<

  • Utilize the First 5 app and wake up with God’s Word every day. With this in mind, need to wake up earlier this week because of a new start time and I want to wake up earlier anyways to start reading this daily.

>>action steps<<

  1. Set alarms the night before and remember to set the settings properly for it to actually alert me.
  2. Don’t press snooze so much!
  3. Going to bed ultimately before 11pm will make this easier to actually wake up.

Making goals for this week was so much harder than the week before. So far I am keeping up! I also reached out to my accountability sisters and we have a group text going so far. I need to keep up with it more. But, it turns out my friend here in Austin, Jess, just so happens to be in my group! It’s great having someone in town that I actually see to hold me accountable for these goals.

I hope to ultimately publish these posts every Monday, instead of a Tuesday. I wrote most of these on my way home from Dallas on Sunday. Was able to take this weekend away with friends and swam all weekend in the sun! We also got to see the Giants vs Rangers game (go Giants!) and it was great rooting for the winning team!

Here’s to an amazing week of getting things done and having fun too!

xo Cheryl


accountability sisters: an intro + week one

Hello world!

I have no idea what I want to do with this blog. But I have many goals I am trying to achieve in the next seven weeks, and I plan on incorporating this blog into it.

Last Wednesday night I decided to step out of my comfort zone and sign up for a 7 week accountability series led by a former classmate of mine who is a professional life coach. It’s called The Summer Accountability Sisterhood and I’m excited to share with you my goals and achievements throughout the next seven weeks (and hopefully continue after!).

What will I be doing in these next 7 weeks?

  1. Create realistic goals and steps to achieve those goals (weekly and long term)
  2. Get motivation from others (my accountability sisters) and dig deep to have my own motivation
  3. To stop procrastinating and get rid of that lazy feeling of not accomplishing anything!

This program really got me because I am a big procrastinator in my personal life (for some reason not so much at work) and get overwhelmed really easily in my work and personal life.

Things like finances and decision making make me sick to my stomach and very anxious. I’m hoping to overcome this with help from other women who are in the same situations as I am.

Another reason why I’m joining this group is because I feel like my faith life is not strong at all. I didn’t grow up in a heavy Christian background, so I never really attended bible studies or went to many church extra curricular activities besides music. I think this is a step is the right direction to actually open a bible and read more about God’s word (because honestly I haven’t done this on my own EVER).

{ week one goals }

>>goal one<<

  • Unpack the rest of my necessities and store away the ones not needed from my recent move

>>action steps<<

  1. Dedicate time every night this week to move a small amount
  2. Start in sections i.e. bedroom on Monday
  3. Set a date to complete

>>goal two<<

  • Create a work out regime

>>action steps<<

  1. Look for ideas on Pinterest (maybe ones I already have pinned!)
  2. Create an organizational list with instructions of 2-5 different work outs to do
  3. Print out list and block times out in calendar to work out

>>goal three<<

  • Stay calm, take time to breathe and don’t stress over workload

>>action steps<<

  1. It’s a BUSY week before projects launch next Monday. Take breaks!
  2. Set reminders to break in my work calendar
  3. Take a few minutes to go outside or go say hi to a fellow coworker instead of starring at my screen

Now that I have some goals laid out, I hope to communicate more through this platform.

What else have I been up to lately? Well, work has been keeping me extremely busy! I’m hoping to utilize my HTML skills in this blog now that I use that every day! I moved to a duplex with the hubs (literally down the street) almost two weeks ago and have been hanging out with friends out in the sun every weekend.

Hope you enjoy my journey in achieving goals and becoming a go-getter!

xo Cheryl


Now that I have the 8-5 desk job life, I constantly am listening to music. I rediscovered Spotify and have fallen in love with it again. Just discovered Foster the People’s newest album from last year, didn’t know that existed! Why did I ever stop using it? Once upon a time, I was obsessed with finding new artists and listening to the newest discovered music, now I am in a loop of still listening to the same music from high school and early college years. Granted there are a few artists here and there that I’ve picked up on that are more recent, but I used to be ambitious about finding music and now that part of me has gone missing.

I regularly listen to my curated stations on Pandora and submit to my iTunes music that hasn’t changed on my phone for like six months. I did have Beats music for a little bit until Aaron forgot to update his credit card on file…it’s too expensive anyways. Sounds like I may be spending more time on Spotify now!

Other new changes in my listening habits are now audiobooks. Last summer I had the Divergent series on audiobook but I had already read the books. Aaron had come with me to see Divergent (we just saw Insurgent last week!) and he’s definitely a sucker for the YA dystopias just like I am, so we listened to the series on our first drive to Austin and back to Milwaukee. Since my commute is killer long now I downloaded Audible last month and was able to get a free book.  I hadn’t familiarized myself with what to listen to so I just picked a book off the fact I wanted to see the movie – Wild. I just finished it today! It’s great true story, which is not what I’m used to reading. I am a sucker for YA dystopias – The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Selection, etc. I just started the series Matched. It honestly takes me a few days to pick it up and get like ten chapters deep before I am sucked into the series. Right now I am still in that phase for the series Matched, we’ll see where I’m at in a week.

One last audio topic I touched on in my last post is podcasts. I was obsessed with Serial and NPR’s Invisibilia but  I’m sad that both of the first seasons are over. I am anxiously waiting for their next seasons to premiere. Trying to get on the This American Life bandwagon, there are so many though I will never catch up. I listened to the entire series of Criminal after I listened to Serial. Once in a while an episode will come out, I think it’s every month. I tend to look at the top charts to see what is trending so I can start listening to new podcasts.


Just reading this post makes me feel great about how much I can listen to now that I work in an office and have a set schedule. Even when I’m not driving or working I typically am playing something (unless I’m watching Netflix, ha). If you have any great suggestions about what to read or which podcast to check out or any indie bands I would listen to, please let me know! I’m curious about these discoveries and they really enrich my life.

xo Cheryl

catch up


So it’s been a while, right? Since this past summer I kept thinking about how much I wanted to pick this back up again.  I always have so many thoughts about what I’m going to write and never actually write it down.  But, my life has changed a lot since my last 2013 post! It’s now March 2015… wow.

Life events that have happened, just in case anyone who isn’t my friend yet is reading this:

Married my best friend, Aaron, in October 2013.


Moved into our own apartment in Milwaukee following our wedding (also got a kitty, Hoefler)!


Visited Austin, TX for the first time in January 2014 while Aaron was at training for work.IMG_1836

Spring 2014, continued to struggle searching for careers in Milwaukee despite landing another part time job at a coffeeshop, Aaron finished up his last semester of undergrad at UWM. Decided that moving to Austin was going to happen after our lease was up.

Shot for a September move to Austin, ended up moving within a month’s notice and moved into our apartment in Austin on July 15th!


Had our first Christmas by ourselves by grilling steaks outside in the 60 degree weather. IMG_0652 

January 2015, road tripped back to Milwaukee to have “Christmas” and see lots of family and friends and bring home tons of Milwaukee brews.


February 2015, left my job at the fruit stand and started my career at a tech company in Austin! Also, rescued a two year old lab mix pup named Chloe!



That brings us to now… the beginning of March.

I want to write about my experiences here in Austin. I want to learn how to use my DSLR better and post my edited photos. I want to learn more about myself and what my hobbies are.

Speaking of hobbies… since I’ve graduated college I have had this struggle of what my interests are and what I can do as my hobby. I was so busy in college with theatre, band, choir and studying that I didn’t have time to just do something I enjoyed. Not that I didn’t enjoy those at all, I think the reason why is because I loved the arts so much that I guess it was my hobby. I have so many interests, and I pin so many neat things on Pinterest. Where’s the motivation to do it all though?

For instance, cooking. I’m starting to like it more. (Maybe you’ll see some of my creations here!) Now that I actually have a steady schedule, I can cook more! So far it’s been going well. I love grammin’ my food so you’ll definitely see it here. Along the lines of cooking, I started a smoothie kick! Aaron and I just got a NutriBullet and it is phenomenal. In a future post I’m sure I’ll go over my process and how easy it actually is!


Some other interests: podcasts & books.  I am NOT a book worm though… I would like to be…! See – another interest that could potentially be a hobby. I’m having a hard time choosing which one to devote all my time to. Now that my commute is typically 45 mins to work and 1 hour home, I am blowing through podcasts and just started audiobooks again. (If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!)


Alright, alright. Maybe I do have hobbies. They’re skimming the top of every interest though. I think I will dive deep into one of them soon.

So there you have it! The last year and a half in a nutshell. Catching up is hard. I will dedicate time to update this blog because I moved across the country away from my loved ones in the Midwest. Hope you enjoy the ride with me!

xo. Cheryl

feeling hopeful

I have just started up this blog and I already took a lull from it, not really sure why.  Maybe I didn’t have anything to say.  Maybe I didn’t know how to write down my emotions.  Well, I’m back and I need to promise myself to at least weekly share my thoughts with you.

It’s a beautiful afternoon in Milwaukee and I can’t wait to get outside.  The only thing stopping me right now is my monstrous headache that is pounding and throbbing.  I believe it’s from the lack of sleep…I’m not going to go into that.

So I have felt all kinds of worries lately from wedding planning (less than 5 months!), to my hours at work, to seeking out my first big girl job and maintaining my workout regiment.  Even though I have this terrible headache, I believe that life is going to get better this summer.  So many opportunities to grow are right in front of me.

Sunshine does make me a happier person, and maybe that’s why I loved living in Florida so much.  Someday I will make it back there…..

Anyways, some new goals to set for myself include:

1) Lose 7-10 more lbs by the first day of summer – June 21st

2) Land an interview at a company I have applied for

3) Get my bridesmaids their perfect dresses!

4) Set up my payment plan for loans before June 1st

I believe I can accomplish these all!  All I need is a little bit of encouragement from my friends, family, AND myself and I can do this all.

I’m looking forward to the sunshine every day and to exciting new twists in my life.



I decided to actually review a show this month and really enjoyed my experience at the theatre.  It was my first time back to this particular theatre since I saw Holes there many years ago as a kid.  I woke up bright and early the next morning to get my creativity flowing but I couldn’t even write a single sentence.  I feel that social media has been clogging my brain.

How do I fix this?!  I am too addicted to my technology.  I guess I shouldn’t blame social media because I believe it to be an amazing source of news and updates and connecting with others.  What I should blame is my unwillingness to get away from it.  I need to put my phone, get outside and breathe a little bit.  This dreary weather isn’t helping me at all.

This long winter has kept me indoors on my couch surfing facebook and twitter since I haven’t had homework to distract me.  Wake up call! I can’t slack off like this just because I don’t have school work, I have life work to do now! 

But seriously, spring please be a little bit warmer and nicer to us Wisconsin folk, we’re so sick of the rain/snow/sleet and cloudy days.  It’s time for adventures in camping and biking around the trails outside of the city.  Maybe I’ll finally have a story to tell.

On some other daily news, I visited my home coffeeshop that I worked at for over a year today on it’s last day of operation.  Caribou closed 80 stores including mine which I had so many memories at.  As a PR person, Caribou graded as an F for tactics and strategy of letting their employees and customers know that in 9 days their place of work and home will be closing.  Thanks Caribou for letting a lot of happy people down.  If you want to read more about what is all happening, don’t go to their facebook or twitter.  I would suggest Forbes or BizTimes Milwaukee as a resource.  All of my old coworkers are definitely in my thoughts and prayers as they go on into the next chapter of their lives of new employment.  

Since the sun is actually peeking out from the clouds for once I will leave you with this great quote I put on my motivational board on pinterest. 


hi world.

So it’s late at night, I know.  For some reason I am up reading Buzzfeed articles and laughing at ridiculous photos and gifs and I can’t help myself – I’m easily entertained.  The con to this is that I am easily distracted as well.  I can’t get myself motivated without people telling me to or I have to start my day off in a certain way to actually get anything accomplished.  Well, I’m trying to change this.

My first change in the past month has been counting calories, working out and being more conscious of my weight.  I’m not the girl who will constantly say “Oh, I’m fat!” but I am just concerned about my health and ultimately my laziness.  So far, My Fitness Pal has been helping me out every single day! I also have been using my gym membership that is reasonably priced for the last couple of weeks too.  It’s not the best gym in the world but it suits me fine. Change #1 is totally in effect.

Change #2? Well that would be to start getting organized.  But there are different tiers to this organization.  First of all, my room.  It is a disaster.  How am I supposed to live in this hole if I can’t find anything at all?  Once I throw away at least three bags of useless junk I think I will be able to breathe a little bit more.  Thankfully, I will be moving out at the end of the summer so I am forcing myself to go through all of my junk anyways.

I’ve been pinning a lot of great tools and tricks about planning my wedding, so when am I going to finally use them?! Next step is to go through those articles I’ve pinned so long ago and actually stick with one of the organizational binders!  Keeping an accurate track of my budget and what has been spent, spending more time on the guest list, checking off tasks that have been completed, the list could go on.

I’ve been wanting to create this blog for a while now and I think I started it at the right time.  I want to write down and express what’s actually floating around my brain and start making my dreams a reality.  I hope whomever reads along with my adventures can give me encouragement and feedback.  For now, I’m off to sleep this Monday away and to wake up to a new day!