Now that I have the 8-5 desk job life, I constantly am listening to music. I rediscovered Spotify and have fallen in love with it again. Just discovered Foster the People’s newest album from last year, didn’t know that existed! Why did I ever stop using it? Once upon a time, I was obsessed with finding new artists and listening to the newest discovered music, now I am in a loop of still listening to the same music from high school and early college years. Granted there are a few artists here and there that I’ve picked up on that are more recent, but I used to be ambitious about finding music and now that part of me has gone missing.

I regularly listen to my curated stations on Pandora and submit to my iTunes music that hasn’t changed on my phone for like six months. I did have Beats music for a little bit until Aaron forgot to update his credit card on file…it’s too expensive anyways. Sounds like I may be spending more time on Spotify now!

Other new changes in my listening habits are now audiobooks. Last summer I had the Divergent series on audiobook but I had already read the books. Aaron had come with me to see Divergent (we just saw Insurgent last week!) and he’s definitely a sucker for the YA dystopias just like I am, so we listened to the series on our first drive to Austin and back to Milwaukee. Since my commute is killer long now I downloaded Audible last month and was able to get a free book.  I hadn’t familiarized myself with what to listen to so I just picked a book off the fact I wanted to see the movie – Wild. I just finished it today! It’s great true story, which is not what I’m used to reading. I am a sucker for YA dystopias – The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Selection, etc. I just started the series Matched. It honestly takes me a few days to pick it up and get like ten chapters deep before I am sucked into the series. Right now I am still in that phase for the series Matched, we’ll see where I’m at in a week.

One last audio topic I touched on in my last post is podcasts. I was obsessed with Serial and NPR’s Invisibilia but  I’m sad that both of the first seasons are over. I am anxiously waiting for their next seasons to premiere. Trying to get on the This American Life bandwagon, there are so many though I will never catch up. I listened to the entire series of Criminal after I listened to Serial. Once in a while an episode will come out, I think it’s every month. I tend to look at the top charts to see what is trending so I can start listening to new podcasts.


Just reading this post makes me feel great about how much I can listen to now that I work in an office and have a set schedule. Even when I’m not driving or working I typically am playing something (unless I’m watching Netflix, ha). If you have any great suggestions about what to read or which podcast to check out or any indie bands I would listen to, please let me know! I’m curious about these discoveries and they really enrich my life.

xo Cheryl