accountability sisterhood: week two results + week three goals

It’s Monday already?! Where did the weekend go…? If the week is going to be anything like it has been today, it will be Friday before I know it. I have a feeling that I’m going to jinx that!

I had a lovely weekend with friends since the hubs was out of town in San Francisco for work. Friday, I went out for a friend’s birthday and got to dress up to mourn the loss of her twenties (such a fun idea, by the way). Saturday, I went to the Austin Ice Cream festival and sweat an ungodly amount while waiting in line for deliciousness. That day felt like two separate days – later at night I had Kim over we made dinner and watched a movie together. So chill and relax!

Austin Ice Cream Festival

Austin Ice Cream Festival

To finish the weekend, Sunday I went to a few breweries with friends and once again died from the heat. We took so many failed selfies and I always seemed to look at Jess’ camera right when she was taking a candid. I got to finally go to Circle Brewery and Red Horn Coffeehouse and Brewery. Such neat places, I especially need to go back to Red Horn in Cedar Park. They serve Rishi tea and it made me think about my home city, Milwaukee. Our original plan was to go to Pinthouse Pizza for dinner, and we finally made it there. I tried such a refreshing beer called Agua Loko; it had cucumber, watermelon and mint in it! Delicious and crisp.

At Redhorn Coffeehouse and Brewery

Failed selfies!

So this week felt a little off, I don’t think I accomplished as many of my goals as I would’ve liked to. But it’s okay! I’m hoping to recover this week by making my goals smaller and more attainable. Here you have it! Week 2 results + Week 3 goals:

{week two results}

>>goal one<<

  • Keep being productive at home with organization and making it feel more like a home.


I think I did home productivity a little different than this. I kept up with dishes, took out the garbage on time (Now that I live in a house, I have to be aware of when trash is picked up rather than walking to a dumpster), put away laundry and kept my bedroom clean. I didn’t unpack anymore and kind of left all of those boxes in the second bedroom to be opened some other time. I would say this wasn’t accomplished to it’s full extent.

>>goal two<<

  • Go to yoga 2-3 times this week


Germaine and I went to two hot cardio-yoga classes this past week, and boy did they kick my butt! I almost threw up during the cardio-yoga class called Sweat. I know now to eat a little better the day of and also not to do a million burpees. I would say that I accomplished this goal, it felt great going!

>>goal three<<

  • Utilize the First 5 app and wake up with God’s Word every day. With this in mind, need to wake up earlier this week because of a new start time and I want to wake up earlier anyways to start reading this daily.


Well I realized that I don’t do well with reading a screen immediately when I wake up, especially when it’s pretty dark in my room still. This app didn’t really work for me to wake up to. I have my iPhone set to Do Not Disturb every night so I don’t hear any vibrating noises or buzzes. This app requires you to not have your phone set to vibrate/mute and you can’t have Do Not Disturb on as well. Which means I will not wake up if I try to rely on it just to wake me up. Instead, I read the passages/devotion at work while I was sipping coffee, still trying to wake up. That works a lot better for me, especially since I sleep until the very last second I can.

{week three goals}

>>goal one<<

  • Look over finances with Aaron and plan for a monthly allowance so we don’t feel so suffocated by paying only bills.

>>action steps<<

  1. Make a spreadsheet of every bill we pay in a month
  2. Make an amount dedicated to savings
  3. Make an amount dedicated to allowance

>>goal two<<

  • Work out three times this week

>>action steps<<

  1. My work out is defined as being active and moving around
  2. Schedule one or two days to go to yoga with Germaine/Brittany
  3. Actually go to my planned soccer game this Saturday
  4. Pick another activity to do outside at least once this evening, even it’s it’s a very long walk or a hike around a greenbelt

>>goal three<<

  • Go to bed no later than 11pm, even on the weekend this week

>>action steps<<

  1. Relax more at home this week, be inside and out of the hot heat
  2. Last weekend was super busy and on the go, take this weekend to unwind and sleep
  3. Limit my device time at night, it usually keeps me up later

That honestly was really hard to come up with three goals again! I think these are a little bit smaller and more straight forward so I can actually achieve them this week. The hardest one in my opinion will be goal one, I absolutely hate talking finance – it stresses me out! Please send good vibes and prayers our way while we tackle that one! From what I took away from the workshop tonight led by Diana is to pray a lot before discussing those topics and have set goals to tackle debt. I know we can accomplish that daunting task.

Well, it’s 10pm and I actually think I’m going to go to bed now (Yay, before 11pm)!

Thanks for reading tonight and I am so happy to be wide open and sharing my goals/results with you!

xo Cheryl


hi world.

So it’s late at night, I know.  For some reason I am up reading Buzzfeed articles and laughing at ridiculous photos and gifs and I can’t help myself – I’m easily entertained.  The con to this is that I am easily distracted as well.  I can’t get myself motivated without people telling me to or I have to start my day off in a certain way to actually get anything accomplished.  Well, I’m trying to change this.

My first change in the past month has been counting calories, working out and being more conscious of my weight.  I’m not the girl who will constantly say “Oh, I’m fat!” but I am just concerned about my health and ultimately my laziness.  So far, My Fitness Pal has been helping me out every single day! I also have been using my gym membership that is reasonably priced for the last couple of weeks too.  It’s not the best gym in the world but it suits me fine. Change #1 is totally in effect.

Change #2? Well that would be to start getting organized.  But there are different tiers to this organization.  First of all, my room.  It is a disaster.  How am I supposed to live in this hole if I can’t find anything at all?  Once I throw away at least three bags of useless junk I think I will be able to breathe a little bit more.  Thankfully, I will be moving out at the end of the summer so I am forcing myself to go through all of my junk anyways.

I’ve been pinning a lot of great tools and tricks about planning my wedding, so when am I going to finally use them?! Next step is to go through those articles I’ve pinned so long ago and actually stick with one of the organizational binders!  Keeping an accurate track of my budget and what has been spent, spending more time on the guest list, checking off tasks that have been completed, the list could go on.

I’ve been wanting to create this blog for a while now and I think I started it at the right time.  I want to write down and express what’s actually floating around my brain and start making my dreams a reality.  I hope whomever reads along with my adventures can give me encouragement and feedback.  For now, I’m off to sleep this Monday away and to wake up to a new day!