austin fun adventures + results of goal planning

Oh, hey.

I took a week off from blogging to chaotically get my life together before my friends came to stay this past weekend. Boy, I am exhausted today. That three day weekend life is nice (two weeks in a row)! Feels like a Monday, but is a Tuesday. Hoping these next few days fly by! I think everybody’s working for the weekend this week.

The last two weeks have been crazy! September is already shaping up to be a promising and adventure filled month. My birthday weekend we went to Oasis Texas Brewing Company right on Lake Travis, such a gorgeous view on Lake Travis!


While celebrating my 25th birthday, I took a trip to the San Marcos outlets with my friend Kim and of course brunched hard on a Monday. Aaron then took me out to dinner at El Alma for a “nice” view and some yummy Mexican food. The only thing is, the food was the only good part. Didn’t really have the best experience – the atmosphere was pretty dull and the view honestly wasn’t great. Maybe I was more concerned about getting eaten alive by all the mosquitos. My margarita didn’t even taste like it had any tequila, instead it tasted like a not-so-great bloody mary (sorry friends, not a bloody type of gal). Anyways, wouldn’t recommend that spot unless you get food to go, because I truly did like the food! End rant about birthday dinner.


This past weekend has been insane! We had the pleasure of being with friends from Milwaukee and I got to meet Aaron’s friends from San Francisco. I did ALL of the Austin things over the weekend.

Friday, I had a lovely half day courtesy of working for an awesome company who cares about our personal lives, and went to meet up with Aaron and his friends, Dana and Kyle, down off east 6th and bar hopped during happy hour. Saturday, I picked up Hayley and her boyfriend Jack up at the airport and immediately started our day off with brunch at good ol’ Kerbey Lane. We then went to the Capitol and admired the beautiful architecture of the largest capitol building in the US. After strolling around downtown, we went to The Art of Brew.

The Art of Brew was a free event that showcased different contemporary art, craft beer, music and food. These communities collaborated together to provide an amazing event for the public and collected generous donations to offset the cost. I tried some amazing beer there this weekend! I’m already excited for next year’s event. But first, I have to go to the Texas Craft Beer Festival held on September 19th at Fiesta Gardens.


We hit up Shake Shack for dinner (yes, it is as good as the hype) and napped until the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival. Tall Boyz was an improv troupe from Milwaukee, and they were by far the best performance of that night! Had a lot of fun laughing my butt off at Coldtowne Theatre off Airport.

Sunday was another fantastic day! We went to The Salt Lick and ate some delicious barbecue and then headed to Jester King to drink farmhouse ales. After spending a lot of money at Jester King on some amazing bottles of beer, we got Lick ice cream and then headed to swim. We were recommended to go to the Barton Creek Greenbelt to only find after a 2 mile hike that  there was no water! The Texas heat and sun dried up all of the water again from the greenbelt. That didn’t stop us though, we headed over to Barton Springs and cooled off instantly in the 70 degree creek.



Monday’s adventures were the hottest. We went to free yoga day and I tried out a different studio down the street. Next door is a pretty good taco place, so afterwards we of course had to get breakfast tacos. The rest of the day was explored around Lake Austin at Mozart’s Coffee Roasters and climbing Mount Bonnell. We ended the night seeing the bats on South Congress right at dusk, such an amazing sight! So happy that I got to see my friend Hayley from Milwaukee and also got to meet new people!



{results of goal planning}

To keep it short about my results and goals, I feel like I have learned a lot about making short term goals.

The last three weeks I have been keeping pretty consistent goals, therefore making them a part of my lifestyle. I am staying active three days a week every week, I drink a ton more water than I normally do, and I dedicate a day or two a week to clean up my house and make it feel like a home.

I found that when I throw around too many big goal ideas at once and don’t stick to them for more than a week, I will probably not achieve that goal.

I also learned that scheduling is key. If I don’t schedule some of these bigger goals that I need to accomplish in my calendar, it won’t happen.

I’m going to continue making goals for myself, but I think more on a monthly basis.

This project I was a part of let me write out my action plans and made me feel more accountable all around. Can’t believe 7 weeks flew by so quickly!

I also have been thinking about what I want to utilize this space more for, and I’m planning to do more Austin Lifestyle/Personal Lifestyle posts going forward. I hope you stick around to see more what I have planned!

xo Cheryl