feeling hopeful

I have just started up this blog and I already took a lull from it, not really sure why.  Maybe I didn’t have anything to say.  Maybe I didn’t know how to write down my emotions.  Well, I’m back and I need to promise myself to at least weekly share my thoughts with you.

It’s a beautiful afternoon in Milwaukee and I can’t wait to get outside.  The only thing stopping me right now is my monstrous headache that is pounding and throbbing.  I believe it’s from the lack of sleep…I’m not going to go into that.

So I have felt all kinds of worries lately from wedding planning (less than 5 months!), to my hours at work, to seeking out my first big girl job and maintaining my workout regiment.  Even though I have this terrible headache, I believe that life is going to get better this summer.  So many opportunities to grow are right in front of me.

Sunshine does make me a happier person, and maybe that’s why I loved living in Florida so much.  Someday I will make it back there…..

Anyways, some new goals to set for myself include:

1) Lose 7-10 more lbs by the first day of summer – June 21st

2) Land an interview at a company I have applied for

3) Get my bridesmaids their perfect dresses!

4) Set up my payment plan for loans before June 1st

I believe I can accomplish these all!  All I need is a little bit of encouragement from my friends, family, AND myself and I can do this all.

I’m looking forward to the sunshine every day and to exciting new twists in my life.




I decided to actually review a show this month and really enjoyed my experience at the theatre.  It was my first time back to this particular theatre since I saw Holes there many years ago as a kid.  I woke up bright and early the next morning to get my creativity flowing but I couldn’t even write a single sentence.  I feel that social media has been clogging my brain.

How do I fix this?!  I am too addicted to my technology.  I guess I shouldn’t blame social media because I believe it to be an amazing source of news and updates and connecting with others.  What I should blame is my unwillingness to get away from it.  I need to put my phone, get outside and breathe a little bit.  This dreary weather isn’t helping me at all.

This long winter has kept me indoors on my couch surfing facebook and twitter since I haven’t had homework to distract me.  Wake up call! I can’t slack off like this just because I don’t have school work, I have life work to do now! 

But seriously, spring please be a little bit warmer and nicer to us Wisconsin folk, we’re so sick of the rain/snow/sleet and cloudy days.  It’s time for adventures in camping and biking around the trails outside of the city.  Maybe I’ll finally have a story to tell.

On some other daily news, I visited my home coffeeshop that I worked at for over a year today on it’s last day of operation.  Caribou closed 80 stores including mine which I had so many memories at.  As a PR person, Caribou graded as an F for tactics and strategy of letting their employees and customers know that in 9 days their place of work and home will be closing.  Thanks Caribou for letting a lot of happy people down.  If you want to read more about what is all happening, don’t go to their facebook or twitter.  I would suggest Forbes or BizTimes Milwaukee as a resource.  All of my old coworkers are definitely in my thoughts and prayers as they go on into the next chapter of their lives of new employment.  

Since the sun is actually peeking out from the clouds for once I will leave you with this great quote I put on my motivational board on pinterest.